My super short blog!–post!

Maybe someone will get the reference to my blogpost if you haven’t gotten it by the end; I will tell you!

I’ve been really slacking on blogging lately, I apologize. It’s been hectic! but a quick summary is I went to the Bahamas last weekend!
I can now scratch this off my bucket list it was a very fun and relaxing time! Mostly the latter but it was very much needed seeing as I haven’t left the country in over 5 years! I do recommend it for families and to go in groups with friends otherwise it can get a little repetitive, but I’m not complaining. Only downside is I did get this extremely weird sun burn so my arm now looks deformed. Otherwise, wonderful time.
Still nothing more beautiful than that crystal clear ocean water. I even drank juice out of a coconut!

Moving on!

I got a decent GPA this semester leading me to pull up my cumulative GPA and leaving me 21 more credits until I can receive my A.A.
I also have a job interview today
(Another hooray!)

Now comes Cody, who’s been a little trouble maker since my mom left on her yearly trip with her high school gals.
(Then again, a lot of people have traveled this weekend! Must be Memorial Day)
I must say I am not satisfied with the Botox injections this round because Cody’s legs continue to cross and he feels either too floppy some days or too tight, I’ll have to discuss this at his post Botox appointment coming up.
Otherwise he seems happy as usual! But has been going to sleep at 11pm every night with him–in which my back is not happy with me about– but if it gets him to sleep it will have to do for the meantime. Did I mention I have to sing all the Disney songs I could possibly know by heart to get him to sleep? It’s quite the challenge but he loves it! Mommyitis is at an all time high at this time.

I’ve also had to continue dealing with this little problem, hair pulling.
He doesn’t like something– my hair gets pulled.
he doesn’t want to nap–again, pulls my hair.

I’ve looked up countlessly how to resolve this and have tried leaving the room, putting him down and he continues to do it. But he doesn’t with anyone else anymore..Dr Google only finds the extremes such as self hair pulling and for kids who are typical!

My goal for this next month is to get him to stop, I think 3.5 years old is a good age for this to stop completely.

BTW, my blog title reference is from the early 00s show “Mike’s Super Short Show” from Disney Channel.

Have a great Sunday!

The troubles of travels

Let me just start off that I’m obsessed with the weather. For some reason, it always is one of the determinants for a good day or not (at least a pre-determinant)
For my birthday, in April, I had 50 degree weather and the weather channel application even said morning flurries.
All the people I’m close with can probably describe to you how livid I was when I saw that.
I like my weather to be nice on my birthday thank you.
But what I am really getting to is that I will be taking a much needed vacation , all thanks to my older sister of course, to Nassau this weekend.
So I go the whole week looking up the weather, and I’m starting to regret it more and more each time because the weather only continues to get worse.
Rain, rain, thunderstorms, rain, rain, windy, rain.
If I have to read rain one more time… I don’t know what I’ll do. But one thing is for sure…

I will not let the stupid rain ruin this for me

I have not traveled in over 5 years while every one of my friends goes abroad or on vacation, and being a mother is extremely hard having that opportunity so nothing will stop me from having a decently good time, despite the rain trying to bum me out.

But first I’d love to just get through exams, good luck with finals for those who are taking them!

Happy mums Day

Here it is, the almost end to my fourth Mother’s Day. only to say I’m 21 but that I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Today my parenting skills were challenged publicly by none other than the king himself.
At the age of 3 years old he’s a good 3 feet 4 inches and a heavy 35 pounds, carrying him is only becoming a more difficult task–my lack of exercising is also aiding to this becoming more difficult.

The only reason I mention this is because we were out today and he would not get in his car today.
(The ones you push them around in)
No amount of bribery, reinforcement, punishment or threat would make little prince ride in his car. So I did the only other thing I could do and I sat there with him.

Refusing to carry him around everywhere because I realize it’s gone far enough. He has too much control over his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and the lists goes on…

Having to discipline a child is difficult but disciplining a child with special needs is even more so, nobody ever blogs about how you should discipline your “different” child because of the scarce amount of parents with them.

In the end, my oh so charismatic-with-children sister just said “let’s go find Nona!” Picked him up and sat him in the car and rolled away with no problems.


she’s gonna make an amazing mother one day, because I tried that and it didn’t work, I even attempted to bribe him with froyo and that didn’t succeed either!

Alas, today was a great day regardless. I managed to maintain a higher than normal level of patience but c’est la vie. Children will be children and they will drive you bananas with nuts sprinkled on top.

Still so very worth it.

Especially the cuddles I’m getting in now that he has fallen asleep.
No better music than a (lightly) snoring toddler

Happy Mother’s Day every-mum!

Cody’s fourth round of Botox

Basically a small video collage put together to represent and show the process of us going to Children’s national in our nation’s capital, from the very beginning of me waking up and packing to go, to our ride there and arriving and finally to when we get to leave, pass this on and enjoy. it was one crazy hectic emotional ride for us

If I die before I wake, I pray to God my soul to take

This is going to be the most spiritual post I’ve ever written so far and I promise to be brutally and sincerely honest throughout this whole post, just bare with me for I’m coming down from complete shock.

Today for Easter, my immediate family celebrated with my aunt, uncle and cousins at their house. They live a conveniently placed five minutes away from us. This is helpful in more than just one aspect, plus it also brings us together more.

Anyway, Cody was at his dad’s this weekend and when he came to drop him off, he was brought to my aunt’s house since we were already there.
Inconveniently enough, we forgot the car seat and we could not just take Cody home without the car seat as it is both unsafe and illegal; we did not want to risk the 5 minute drive. Thus, my aunt let us use her SUV that has a car seat in it already to take Cody home, while I drove our family SUV back home. (A Honda CR-V)

Once we dropped Cody and my mom off at home, my dad and I took each car to return it, then drive back in our own vehicle.

Being a usually careful driver, I was extra vigilant tonight for some unexpected reason resulting in my driving being much slower than the usual. At the traffic light we have to cross to get to my aunts, my side was on red while the main road was green.
Right then the main road light turned amber, and obviously soon after red.

My side turned green, but something inexplicable quickly told me not to go just yet, that someone would be running the red light, so I inched forward about two inches.. When suddenly a big beige Nissan Pathfinder accelerating at approximately 60-65 miles an hour ran the red light. If I had gone, I would be badly injured by then.

I was in shock. My mouth agape and eyes as wide as they go. That SUV would have hit me head on the driver’s seat. Something just saved my life, but not just anything.


For the past 4 years I will admit to being agnostic, completely unsure if God was truly there or not. Cody’s disabilities made me doubt him more and become angry with him.. Why would he give an innocent and pure person these hardships?
I stopped praying..
Church was just another forced activity every week..
My mom’s constant begging to listen to Catholic radio/ Television only became an annoying nagging in the back of my mind.
I completely thought God wasn’t there or that perhaps he had abandoned me, but I continued to play the part of a “good Catholic”, revealing my true agnostic only to myself.

That is.. Until this happened.

The powerful yet simple intensity of this small message told me that this was no mere coincidence, no secret psychic ability or “just lucky”.
This was God, telling me, that he’s truly there watching over me and I feel completely ashamed for having to wait for a sign of sorts to really believe.
Although it might sound silly to some, especially to those who don’t believe.. I truly think this has changed my mind and heart..

And what better day to do this then on Easter Day?

As the recent movie states:
God is Not dead”


twenty-one candles: Two martinis and one delicious ice cream cake.

that once in a lifetime on top of the world feeling: but not quite. At least not yet.

This has probably been one of the more surrealistic birthdays I’ve had in my two decades and one year of breathing. Now, it’s not because I sat down at a bar and ordered two martinis– and received them. I believe that the reason this birthday has felt so far-fetched is because deep down somewhere in my psyche, I still feel like I’m only seventeen. Oh, I know how that sounds.. and it’s much easier said than explained when I say it. 

Maybe it’s because I had Cody at seventeen

This is where Sigmund Freud comes in a little bit, and please correct me if I’m wrong, I took PY102 my first semester of college. But Freud believed that if an individual did not “live out” a certain phase of their life correctly or to the fullest they would forever stay in that “stage” as I’ll call it. 
I know the stages were all broken down in clusters of ages instead of at one certain age. Perhaps, I just misunderstood and took it a lot more literally than it was intended for it to be. Except that’s not the only thing I can blame it on. As I have previously blogged about, I am very dependent of my parents; I buy nothing with my own money and it truly bothers me to no end.
I will not make this blog post negative.

I refuse. I had an amazing birthday yesterday and I’m grateful to my family more than anyone for the enormous amount of help they put into watching Cody for me for a few hours. It was all just so I could get my first bar experience and a little time outside of the house on my birthday. 

Thanks Familia, It truly means everything to me on how much you help me. Even If I may seem like I’m taking it for granted

For a turn of events, I did not go and get completely intoxicated as a handful of people suggested I do. Quite honestly I don’t believe being completely incoherent makes for a good time. Although, a good buzz is good just to let your true self out once in a while. I know my cousins and sister must have gotten a kick out of that. 
we sang happy birthday soon after arriving at home, Cody absolutely loves it and always thinks it’s for him, I’m sure he thinks he’s had 5 birthdays in the past two  months. haha.

My birthday cake was the usual “A Cheesecake named Desire” a punny play on words from the original 1947 American play A Streetcar named Desire. It’s from ColdStone, an ice cream place that I can say is one of my favorites.
It contains Cheesecake flavored ice cream, yellow cake (no, it’s not the same as vanilla cake), raspberry jelly in the middle and raspberries on top with raspberry everything. 

Can you tell why I must get this cake every year?

So overall I will give this surrealistic and yet very much real birthday a 4.5 out of 5 stars
The only little thing I did wish is that I’d had a little more time with the significant other, but alas sometimes there are things that are far out of my control and we must learn to accept and be grateful for what we get…But I won’t complain, these two gifts he gave me where my favorites so far





Also, Thank you to the 90 something people who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday on facebook. I appreciate the sentiment.

Cheers to being legal ! 

A letter to the past, a bottle in a time machine

Dear Desi,

Now I know this will be weird, because I’m a version of yourself you would have never expected to become, especially not at the age of sixteen. I want you to take everything I tell you and just let it process because this is how your life has been planned out to be, I know you’re a firm believer of “everything happens for a reason”. Let me begin with the small fact that you are exactly a week away from turning 21–yes the age where you can legally drink and buy alcohol–but trust me, you won’t be having the party you might have expected. Instead of going to a club with a guy completely different than the one you’re dating now and a bunch of crazy superficial girls that I know you wish you were, you’ll be spending it at a restaurant with your absolute best friend and your wonderful boyfriend. It will also be four days earlier than expected. On your actual birthday, you’ll probably have night class and after have your favorite coldstone cake–yes A cheesecake named Desire– the one you have every year because it’s just that good. Now don’t be too disappointed at this outcome, it’s actually much better than something as “typical” as going out and getting intoxicated with people who aren’t really your friends.
Let me then state the reason for this outcome you are not so happy to hear about.
Well, in about a year, two months after your seventeenth birthday, you will find out that you are pregnant.
okay, please breathe. It’s not as bad as you think it is… It’s much worse.
haha I’m kidding I wish I could see the expression on your face right now.
I am telling you though, that life will be harder. Having a child is no joke, you will experience some really emotionally painful things throughout your pregnancy, your labor and your child’s life.
I won’t spoil it and tell you the sex, just know you will love this child more than anything in this world. Yes, that does include your horrible addiction to energy drinks, that you will be very grateful to have stopped drinking over the years. They’re terrible for you.

Are you still worried about the being a teen mom thing?
Don’t be, let things happen in their own time. Also know that you have an amazing support group, you have a wonderful family that loves you, and this includes non-immediate family. Millions of people will love your child from the beginning and many more that you could not have expected. Be grateful for this, I know I am.

I must add, that your sister will be one of your best friends– I mean she always has been, but not quite like this. You’ll be happy for it actually. Your best friend, you won’t even meet till college, and as crazy as she is, she’s smart, supportive and will be like your sister.
You’ll be in a relationship with a phenomenal guy, no, not the guy you’re currently with, but he does become your friend in the future. He’s the best guy you’ll ever find and it’s funny because you definitely won’t be able to guess who it is.but let me give you a hint.. you already know who he is.
again, I wish I could see your face, you’re probably so confused or in your terms “Confuzzled”

Unfortunately, you won’t go to a four year school–at least not right away, community college will be a huge downer but it’s not about the parties and the “college experience” it’s about your education and your future career. Oh, I didn’t mention this, but you won’t be a graphic designer– and it’s a good thing! because you like your new major much more. The most important thing is that your child needs you now, at this precious time between the ages of birth and 5, enjoy the heck out of them because these years fly by in the blink of an eye.
Your tears will no longer be about how you don’t feel accepted at school, they’ll be about much bigger and more important things.

Now, all these things might sound extremely difficult but you do get a little time to yourself to go out and have fun, it’s not the “typical” amount for your age but then again you have never been typical. It’s a good thing, stay that way.

I most definitely will advice you, to please for the dear love of God to LOVE YOURSELF. You are your biggest critic and you still are, you’re a funny, wonderful, intelligent, and beautiful person. 

I know exactly what you just thought and hush. You are. Beauty is much more than a pretty face, and you are blessed with it in ways more than externally.
Don’t give up, times will get hard and it’s OKAY to cry about it, but don’t spend the whole time crying. keep moving and don’t look back, your past is your past and you need to accept that you cannot change it. Instead learn from it and turn it into a brighter future, not only for yourself..but for your precious little blessing. He/She is so perfect in so many aspects you’ll find it hard to believe that such a person exists.

This little person will change you in the most positive ways and all the things you think you are not, you definitely are.

so out of this I want you to know three things.
1. Love yourself, there’s not a single person in the world like you and you are loved by many
2. Be grateful for those who care about you and help you, you’d be somewhere completely different without them
3. Keep moving forward, simply that and try not to look back.

Don’t cry too much, I know you will do fantabulously.

Sincerely, and with love

you, age 21

here kitty..kitty..

yes, the title will throw you off for those who follow this blog but don’t know me especially since I rarely even blog about animals. For those of you who know me more personally, know of last night’s unanticipated occurrence and are going to shake your head , facepalm and say something along the lines of  “just get over it”.

For those of you who do not personally know me, you must know that I love all animals big, small, fat, thin and so on and so forth. I always have been and will continue to have a soft spot for those creatures furry, soft and cuddly–But this was taking it to a new level.

I have rescued a baby bird from a fallen tree, fed it worms and took it to the vet to recuperate. I’ve lost count of the number of turtles I’ve stopped my car for and helped cross the road, also causing a bit of a backup and very angry drivers. There’s been one time that I walked around my neighborhood and knocked on doors to get a canine friend back home. All in all, this one was relatively new seeing as those of the feline kind, do not appeal to me very much.

Now, don’t get me wrong cats are great and all, but their ungrateful little personalities and lack of obedience are what puts me off completely. Hence why canines are this gal’s best friend. anyway enough stalling and on to the story!

Last night as my dad was taking my canine buddy Dash out to do his business, he came across a small cat–or might I say the cat came across my dad and decided to follow him. My father reacting quickly, put Dash in the house and knocked on the glass door to get my attention. Once I noticed him, my eyes fell upon the small calico behind my dad and my dog with his tail straight up not letting it leave his sight from behind the glass door. My reaction– the obvious, a bunch of  “awww’s ” and “how cute!”
he said it was following him and had come from absolute nowhere. It had a small white collar with no tag– later discovering it was a flea collar– so there was no way I was going to listen to my dad’s orders and just “leave it alone”.
I put on my coat and jacket, closed the door behind me and walked outside to meet my dad in the parking lot where my dad was walking towards his car, the calico following close behind.

I asked if we could keep it for the night as it was going to snow the next day and it was too cold of a night for it to be out and the blatant answer came.. “No” ..and no amount of “pleases” and puppy dog eyes would change his mind. Instructing me to leave it alone, he hopped into his car and left to run some quick errands, leaving just me and the calico– alone.

I called my two aunts, one who lives in Ohio and loves animals as much as I do, and one that lives nearby, saying she couldn’t take it in either.  Sitting on the curb, the cat jumped on my lap and got comfortable, which left me with one last choice.

I called A.

His mother and I also share an undying love for animals, thinking of the cat, I thought I would give it a try and asked him to ask his mom what was the likelihood of her sheltering a lost cat for the night.
15 cold minutes later and 15 warm -in the car– minutes later both of his parents arrived, at around 11pm may I add, to rescue my new friend.

His dad was not the happiest about it, but his mom jumped to it and held the small feline in her arms. She even ran to the store and got kitty food and liter. We agreed on putting up found flyers around my neighborhood and hope the owner turns up. If not– well I’m not too sure…

but here’s a few pictures of our new friend “Benny”, short for “Benadryl” since both A and his dad seem to be allergic to cats..





My dad has given me the title of this cat’s guardian angel. how rewarding!

Spring Break

hello everyone!
Hoping that your Monday is going well, despite the horrid cold front–that is once again, making it’s way through the east coast. Now that I’ve finally had some time to sit in front of my laptop, I can tell you about my adventurous spring break!
(Except, not quite)
Due to my responsibility of being a mom, I’m limited to certain “adventures” that I can partake in, but nonetheless my week was a good one.

My spring break started off great with going to watch my favorite artist over in DC, Ellie Goulding. She’s a mix of electronic/dance with a softer genre and I do recommend checking her out!
I stood in the same spot for about 4 to 5 hours with my sister but I can truly say it was worth it, Ellie was simply phenomenal, we were even pretty close to the stage making the experience a unforgettable one. The aftermath of the show, for lack of a better word, an extremely frigid one.

Yes, on Sunday the 16th of March we had one of the bigger snowstorms we’ve received from our hormonal Mother Nature this whole winter. Not only that, but due to my parents’ love and worrying tendencies, we were stranded outside of the venue for an approximate hour and twenty minutes. thank you Echostage for your warm hospitality. (Ha! I’m punny and sarcastic!)

It was snowing, hard and we were covered in snow within minutes.
I was grateful for bringing a jacket and glad that I had more common sense than most of the teenage girls who showed up in heels and mini dresses, brrr.

I’m guessing they don’t watch the weather channel as much as I do.

So we stuck around with 30year-oldesque women who were inebriated and very much amusing until our mother arrived to pick us up.

Did I mention both of our phones had lost all battery power?

It also took us about the same time we waited outside for us to get home. Normally we would’ve arrived after a 45 minute ride, but again, Mother Nature has been quite PMSy this winter.

That was quite the adventure.

Now Monday was pretty boring as I did nothing, so we’ll skip the average day and stick to the rest of the week.

On Tuesday, the “bae” as my peers like to call it, an acronym for “before anyone else” or also known as “significant other” came over for a few hours and spent time with Cody and I, later tagging along to get materials at Michael’s craft store. Where we got craft paint for a small stool I wanted to decorate to help Cody reach the bottom story bathroom sink. (whew what a mouthful)

I then painted it on Wednesday, with a “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” theme in which I can boast about because it’s quite adorable.

Here is a four-sided picture of the crate


Later that night, once Cody was put to bed, I went over to A’s house and played video games, ate dinner and watched a movie. Which was later repeated on Thursday and Saturday. Except Saturday, I did some homework and took a nap.

On Friday, I was over at my boyfriend, A’s house again and got a migraine, unfortunately, but he’s wonderful enough to make me food and headed out to meet my best friend for her birthday dinner.

It was fun watching her have her first official drink at a restaurant and also enjoy the company of some new and old friends.
It’s always fun to be surrounded by people your age when your best friend is your 3year old toddler (hehe!)
After the dinner, A and I went to watch the new movie Divergent (which was really good, although a few things were left out from the novel), his mom and dad met us there to watch it with us, which is always interesting!

Finally, Sunday was a well spent day with family relaxing at home, trying out a new Korean restaurant and getting shampoo at the mall.

Overall spring break rating 4/5 stars.
I think I’d much rather spend time with people I care about than wake up hungover with strangers.

But that’s just me!

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon! it’s back to school tonight for me.

Thank you for watching!

This post is nothing but positive don’t let my attempt at incorporating sarcasm into the title of this blogpost fool you, even if it’s not fooling me. But it’s actually not a negative action that I’ve noticed when I’m out and about with the offspring, well, here it goes.

Today was my typical stay at home mom/ student/ young mom and whatever other labels I fall under. I woke up, made Cody’s lunch while my mom gave him breakfast, I prepared his backpack and stroller following up to where I walk Cody up to his bus. He rode the “elevator” up to the bus and left with a smile on his face.
Once my mom left for work, I began the chores that I’m required to do and studied while doing so, including making the beds and picking up whatever is on either my or Cody’s room floor, tidying up around the house and keeping the kitchen not a disaster. I continued reading over some notes because I–thought– I had a sociology exam today (which I did not) and headed for a shower.
Yes, the nice “more than 15 minute” showers I’m only able to take when Cody’s at school or at his dad’s for the weekend.
Had some breakfast of Nutella and strawberries and studied some more. Headed out to get Cody from the bus
Medicine, naptime
Etc etc.
But today’s adventures were different because we were able to go to the park today, and only having one hour before I had to leave for class I went anyway, because that’s what supermom does right?
His little face lit up walking into the park and was so excited, that’s what makes it worth it.
Now, going back to what I said earlier, I’ve noticed that while out and about with Cody, people tend to stare, not always but just sometimes but more than usual when I’m helping him walk.
honestly, it’s a little intimidating to be watched but I don’t focus on it. Almost always, they’re watching Cody, and luckily they’re not giving him degrading or looks of disgust. They’re usually smiles and eager faces with waves and “hellos” that make Cody bashful and stop in his tracks.
This is where I wonder what they’re thinking. Not because Cody is a little different from his peers but just the two of us as a unit.
Maybe some quirky, enthusiastic young mom trying to encourage her child to do her best, or maybe just that Cody’s cute. Either way, I get an audience from time to time and although it feels weird to be watched, I’m glad people are seeing Cody as the little person he is instead of for his condition.
This gives me hope for the future that people may see him more as Cody and not “disabled”, because he does his best everyday to improve no matter how hard the challenge.
In which by the way, he did, because he walked a very good portion of the time we were there, especially up the stairs to get to the slide.
And truly, I’m happy having Cody just the way he is, he’s happy and funny and he’s loved. As long as that continues then I will remain happy.

Goodnight everyone