This Blog’s Purpose

Three years ago, when I became a mother at the ripening age of seventeen I felt alone and intimidated by the extremely small human in my arms.

I had no place to turn to for advice and my closest friends had no idea what I was going through.

This blog has many purposes but mostly to inform, support, create awareness and maybe give you a laugh every now and then.
This blog is to tell a story within a story, the story of a young adult who grows and learns from the life story of her son with special needs.  I assure you if you stick around you won’t regret it.
The path we follow is not always the one we plan for, Maybe it’s one that’s been chosen for us by a higher power.
One that has a purpose of meaning for each one of us.  Just as I hope this blog forms a sort of meaning for you.

I hope you enjoy our story, it’s not a typical one :)