Famous Little Prince Cody

Today I went to my aunt’s church with her so that Cody could meet the many people that pray for him and keep him in their thoughts, how wonderful it was! He smiled and gave high fives to all the people he met. Sally, Lori, Lucy Christina, Wendy, Sandra, Debbie, Jenny, Bryan, and all these different people that already knew and love him. I couldn’t help but smile at all the people that already cared about Cody so much and kept him in daily prayer. It just made me really happy that Cody has a million people that love him, despite the fact that when I first got pregnant, nobody was happy about it and the moment we found out it was waterworks (and not the good kind) to end this short post it just made me unbelievably happy to meet some of the many people that love my son.
Which also reminds me the time Cody, Alex and I went to the park when a woman approached me asking if the little boy in my arms happened to be named Cody. Turned out she also goes to church with my aunt and keeps Cody in her prayers. Funny thing is, that’s not even half of them!

I swear to you… Cody is so famous already and he’s not even 3 yet! 🙂


Welcome back!

So I haven’t posted anything lately but a lot has happened in the past few weeks (3-5) that I didn’t update WordPress. Well first of all I finally got an iPhone 5 and it’s not slow, plus now I can make little updates from my phone since I now have the app! Cody has also really advanced in his communication skills. For a while now Cody was given little picture cards to show to us in a form of telling us what he wants but he never really used them for any particular reason except put em in his mouth or just throw them. But since very recently, he has started showing us a picture of (whatever he wants it can be food, snack or activity) and it has truly made life so much easier!! The process works like this, we give him a selected category of pictures– let’s say… activities, we put them on his high chair tray and he rummages through them and later shows us what he wants. The goal for his communication skills in 6 months was to use at least 10 different images daily! Instead! He’s using 10-12 different images to pick out what he wants and consistently too! it seriously warms my heart to see how well Cody has progressed in just a few weeks. He also will choose one thing or another by just using your hands and saying ” do you want this .. Or that?” most likely picking the one of his preference. He also had short braces sent to be made but turns out they won’t support his feet well enough, so they brought us back and made him knee high braces again to put on top, supposedly to help stimulate walking by pushing in from the back of the knee– doesn’t sound pleasant or comfortable to me! I was a little disappointed, but in the end it will work out for the best (i hope!)

The only thing that has truly bothered me is the fact that the effects of his Botox injections has worn off already! it’s been almost 3 months and they started to wear off around 10weeks!! I’m so unhappy with that and consulted his specialists they replied with “they might have to insert more of the chemical next time” well that’s great… I looked it up and it is not harmful but I just hate the idea of him getting more injections done. Poor baby :/

On a brighter note, Cody and his dad are headed off to the beach this weekend. I’m excited for him because I know he loves the beach and it will be much easier to sit him up and have him play with the sand this year, unfortunately I can’t go and I’m nervous letting Cody go without me but I believe he is old enough to go without mom, it’s only a few days anyway and I’m sure he will have a great time!

Also thinking of starting a Dystonia organization with my aunt called
“Conquering Dystonia” which is also cute because we would capitalize CO and DY also spelling Cody’s name. How clever! Nothing is certain yet but it’s a work in progress. As for me, the only new discovery is that I’m majoring in Communications with a focus in Public Relations, I’m so excited because it’s actually a job I will enjoy doing that won’t have me begging on the streets for money (if I had been a graphic designer I wouldn’t have made enough)

Oh well, Cody’s awake so it’s lunch time!