So Cody is now 30 months, or two and a half years old so I’m excited to inform that Cody will be put into a transition class September of 2013. What that means is that he will be put in a classroom with a few kids and two teachers, followed by either his physical or occupational therapist and will be like a “getting ready to go to school” class. So in order for him to go to school, he gets transition testing of every area of his abilities, understanding, gross motor, fine motor, express communication, etc. today we finally finished the Understanding portion and he scored at a level of 31 months (a month older than he is!) so he’s smart and up to level of cognitive understanding as other toddlers his age! Even some of the higher level questions he was able to get, such as picking a knife when asked “what do you cut with” which seems simple to anybody but not to a young toddler. I’m both so anxious and excited for school because this will allow him to learn outside of the home and even develop more in his gross motor skills! He learns things so quickly and I’m so very proud of him! His speech therapist even said he’s getting more advanced technology for communication sometime in September when he will be ready for it. I don’t think I have quite mentioned how much I love these wonderful ladies. They’re so sweet and patient and I can just feel a certain attachment to Cody because of how hard he works and how much improvement he’s shown in the past few months! They’re even starting to see a little personality come out in him that they just can’t get enough of. Just as his OT said, mischievous activity is a sign of high cognitive understanding. He really is mischievous and sarcastic– already at a young age, I’m scared to see what he will be like as a teenager!!


Witty and Smart!

So just for a short post, today Cody my dad and I went for a walk around the mall since it was raining outside. We asked Cody after a while if he wanted to get pretzels at Auntie Anne’s and his eyes beamed! So we ordered him a plain pretzel with …(pause for dramatic effect) …cream cheese, and Cody just loves cream cheese. He ate the whole thing up, it was a huge pretzel for such a little tummy! So once we were done (because the cream cheese ran out) I asked whether he wanted to walk (while I held him) or go in the stroller…he pointed to the stroller, which is weird cuz he can’t stand it a lot of the time! so we asked him simple yes or no questions one of them being, “Did you enjoy your pretzel Cody?” And held out one hand “yes” and the other hand “no” he pointed to no.. But with a huge smirk on his face, then we switched the order of the hands saying “no” then “yes” and he smirked AGAIN! and said no, then laughed, we all had a good laugh about it because he downed that pretzel faster than anything else I’ve seen him eat! So for a third time, he took it seriously and said he enjoyed the pretzel, smiling in an attempt to say thank you. Once up, I asked if he wanted to go home or walk around a little more he said walk around, by the way by saying “said” I mean he pointed to that option hand. It’s one of his new ways of communicating. Some time into our walk, he was beginning to get fussy, so we asked again this time replying with “home”. I just think it’s hilarious that he’s so small and so young and he already has a sarcastic and witty little personality! I’m sure it will only be more fun as he gets older… Can’t even imagine.