What a week!!

This week has been quite a bit eventful I must say, it’s not so common that a many things happen at once but here we go. We started the week off with the dreadful Monday, Cody’s feeling well and happy. Tuesday, we had to wake up extremely early–4:45am to be exact when Cody had only slept around 2 hours prior to that because he’s a little rascal. woke up, pack bags, his dad and PaPa came to pick us up and off to DC we went. I guess those with Dystonia or children with different needs can understand this because he was going in to get his Botox injections. I’m actually glad that they were able to schedule us in so early (so lucky!) we actually arrived at 6:15am and got into the operating room waiting area earlier than we were supposed to leading to an earlier procedure than scheduled–which was originally 9 but they ended up finishing up his procedure at around 8:48. I was going to make a Vlog but my camera wasn’t charged and I didn’t have enough time to charge it when I woke up. So far we have seen improvements in his walking again! No more scissor walking or on his tip toes-things I like to see! Once we got home he started getting the sniffles, which turned into nonstop sneezes.. Which led to Wednesday’s warmer-than-normal temperature. I don’t want to call it a fever because it never got up to 100. He was a bit lethargic and very sleepy so that was surprisingly an easy yet depressing day because he couldn’t play or do anything as he normally does . He took three 2 hour naps, bringing me back to the time when he was a newborn and slept all day! Luckily, by Thursday he was much better but he was still coughing with a phlegmy sound, which then continued onto Friday, Saturday and today. Ah, this means a doctors visit tomorrow.. Friday he got to spend the whole day with his daddy’s side of the family and wow was he happy! I’m grateful that he has the love he receives from both families. Now, we just need to continue pressuring for equipment and his braces. Which reminds me of how much I hate Medicaid, which is Cody’s insurance. They accept things at an extremely late period and we always receive things a lot later expected and it’s getting extremely irritating and old. I have contacted the equipment clinic more than three times and they always continue to tell me that they will inform me on the status for his orthotics and equipment. It’s such crap that it makes me want to switch insurances but there’s just nothing I can do about that matter for the moment.
My family even tried contacting our state governor and that hasn’t even done anything. I’m just tired of this, I’m gonna have to pay or make the splints myself.