Little things

Currently the world is so fast paced, so stressful so full of faces stuck inside iPhones, Androids etc. If I could count the amount of people who tweet “I hate college” “going to go to class, study, cry,shower, cry” it would be pretty infinite. The amount of people I see who get stressed over the excessive amount of college homework is truly, excessive. What do professors or even universities achieve from stressing the living lights out of “young adults”? like really? I might sound uneducated and naive and young or whatever you want to refer me to, but studying and learning something you want to do for a living shouldn’t be stressful. I know a handful of people who are Art majors and they have it so bad with the amount of projects they have to complete by a certain deadline; this makes me think “thank God I’m not a graphic design major anymore”. The world is so busy that we don’t have time to be thankful for the little things. The little things that are truly bigger than life.

This brings me back to my son, my 2- months-away-from-being-3 son. Crazy isn’t it? He’s almost 3 years old and I realize, time truly flies by you in the blink of an eye but nobody ever has time to realize it because they’re so busy worrying about making their FUTURE life a successful one.
See what I did? future life. We can’t even live in the present half the time because we’re worried about what we do now and how it will affect our future.

I don’t wanna live that way.

As much as I have to study really hard and get the best grades I can, I don’t wanna live stressed out all the time. I don’t want the pressure of other people telling me how to raise my child and how to do what and when. I don’t want to have constant pressure to have the best career and make a ton of money.
I just want to live life without all that craziness.

I understand life is hard, trust me I do, I’m 20 and have a child with different abilities while trying to get a degree. If that doesn’t scream hardship I don’t know what does. Everyone has different hardships in life, whether now or later. What Im saying is life shouldn’t have a focus on the future or working too hard or staying up till 4am coding, writing a paper or doing an art project.
Life should be about the little things too…

The colorful autumn leaves
or your child’s huge toothy grin when he sees you after school/work
It should be the soft, warm feeling of getting in bed at night.
The amazing taste of your morning coffee or tea.
A child holding your hand when he sleeps
Hugs and cuddles and kisses.
Laughing till years come out
The feeling of having someone truly care about you for who you are.
The ability to just breathe..

It just seems like a better way of seeing things don’t you think?
Timon and Pumba did say
“Hakuna Matata”