Three?! Already? What?

Good evening all!
In my very few years as a very young parent, I’ve realized one thing: time flies–and no not even the time flies where you think “wow it’s winter again?” No, it’s the “my son is less than a month away from turning 3” time flies.
I find it so extremely hard to believe that my little 4lb 2oz baby will be turning 3 soon, and what’s even more incredible is that he will be starting school even sooner!! His Individualized Education Planning meeting (IEP) was on Wednesday and I could not have been any more grateful, happy and most of all blessed with such a great team. In the single hour that we sat in that little white room, with the long table and seven women around it, we were able to plan and set down a good amount of goals for Cody to have accomplished in the year that he will be attending school until he is 4. These goals were gross motor, functional motor, fine motor, mathematics, pre-reading, speech, emotio-social, and the list goes on and on. We were read out loud the 4 or less goals set for each area in which they felt Cody needed to improve and everything seemed appropriate for his set of skills. I will also boast about the fact that no matter how serious these women looked, they couldn’t help but fall for Cody’s cute-shy charm and big smile. In which I will say he has a great set of straight teeth and molars–ha! It’s hard to believe how fast these two years that Cody’s received in-home therapy has gone by. I still remember the very first day of PT he received, he was 11 months old and he sounded like he had said “hello” already winning over his physical therapist. it’s almost a shock that I will have to go through a whole new routine every day, but I know that in the long run Cody going to school is the best thing for him. We were even told we were walking out with some of the best amount of services for Cody in the best school program for kids with Physical Needs and mentioned the teachers and therapists are rated amongst the highest in our county. I almost cried with just how glad I was to be able to give Cody such an opportunity. I really feel like I must thank his therapists in a way before they are no longer with us, we will probably make them each a Thank you card for all they have done to help and the strings they’ve pulled for Cody’s well being. We are sad to no longer have them with us as much as I know they are sad to let Cody move on to school. But I am eternally grateful to every one of those women who worked with Cody despite his temper tantrums and tears.
I am forever in their debt.