Blessings overflow

I decided to title this the way it is because I think it truly is a blessing overflow to have the life I’m living with the people in it. I could write a list of everyone I’m grateful for, why I’m grateful for them and so on and so forth but that would make this blog post utterly boring. So first I will start off by saying Happy Birthday to Cody, my sweet and handsome little (now 3year old) boy who had a birthday on Monday. On Tuesday, he started a program called PEP beginnings, a class for children with mostly physical disabilities that also have an effect on other parts of their body and basically help them to learn things that preschool and kindergarten children are learning. These things include colors, shapes, letters, songs, etc. We have also met his fantastic new therapists and sweet teacher and para-educator, so far Cody has picked Kathy, his para-educator, as his favorite. The first day went great, couldn’t have been any better and I was so very extremely proud of him, he did not cry once and he had a splendid time participating in his art class and then his music class. He even shook a few kids’ hands!! How exciting is that!! He’s already so well mannered!– If only he would start doing it at home then that would be wonderful ;).
The second day wasn’t as exciting for Cody but he was still able to use the computer( one of his most favorite activities) and use his gait trainer, and for those who don’t know what that is– it’s basically a walker with extra support so he doesn’t fall over.
Day number two was great! onto day number 3 and he had P.E! Now how could he do physical education without the ability to walk? Well simple. They had him swinging on swings and sitting on a bean bag on a swing to work on trunk support, he had a ball! best part is he already knew what to do and held the sides with his right hand first THEN left. I was ecstatic! Then the last day of class before the long four day weekend, it was quieter but Cody was the only one who came to school! But he didn’t mind he’s an attention hog anyway ha. His Grammy decided to stop by and watch for a little bit and they explained how things work and a typical day for Cody, she couldn’t help get emotional but then again, I couldn’t either on Tuesday.  He also had a wonderful day then and of course did a much better job participating and paying attention when mom wasn’t there, but that’s just typical 3 year old behavior and that makes me happy.
Next week,anxiety strikes again because he will be riding the bus to school! Ahh! But not to worry, we are in good hands as I’ve already met his bus driver and he’s a very nice man. not to mention he’s also Peruvian! What a coincidence!

Did I also mention that every staff person that comes in just falls right in love with Cody? Well that’s just expected 😉
Here are some pictures from the week!
Happy Sunday everyone!

Cody and his teacher putting clothes on “Peter”  Day 1 and Music class for Cody and his classmates!



Cody and his PT swinging around for P.E, he’s having a ball!  Day 320140119-092736.jpg

Cody in his gait trainer on day 4