10 Signs You’re a Mom/ have small children in the house

I won’t write out a catchy Intro this time so let’s go.

10. You catch yourself singing or humming children’s songs…on a regular basis.
Sometimes I’m doing homework and I’m singing one of Cody’s recent
favorites “I’ve got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart.. Where??”

9. Poop is gross, but only in front of others.
I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s happened in more than one occasion where I’m at someone’s house and use their bathroom, and there’s poop still floating in there (come on! at least look before you leave!) and I’m not at all grossed out by it so I just flush and continue with my business.
(Or is this me just being mature?)
Sometimes poop is exciting –especially since Cody is constipated a lot.

8. You start making faces your kids make
Cody has tons of expressions, but one particular one he makes on occasion is the “yuck” face.
He clenches his teeth together and makes his lips in a certain shape so you only see his very front 4 teeth.
–it’s not attractive and I catch myself making that face A LOT.

7. You become motherly…towards your friends.

I’ve had friends get sick and I offer to bring them cold medicine and chicken noodle soup. If that doesn’t scream motherly I don’t know what does.
I’m putting them before me, holding an umbrella for them (not me) when it rains, letting them have the last bite, checking up on them regularly. (Should I continue?)

6. You are much stronger than you look
On an everyday basis, I carry my 35ish lb toddler on one arm and something probably equally as heavy in the other arm. Yet my arms continue to appear as pool noodles.

5. Multitasking is just normal tasking
This is correlated with the previous one, I hold Cody in one arm, make a phone call, send an email and cook him lunch and pick up something on the floor with my foot.

4. You take all the chances you can get to sleep
On the way home from the metro, during kid’s naps, in class (shhh!) and even standing.
Yes, standing.

3. Your purse/bag is never missing anything
I have wipes, juice, snacks, extra change of clothes, Benadryl, Tylenol, lotion, hand sanitizer, glasses, etc.
Need something? I probably have it.

2. Fashion? No thanks.
I’d rather have leggings and a hoodie or sweatpants and a tshirt. Maybe comfy jeans on a good day. But you won’t find make up on me unless it’s a night out or the first week of school/work.

And finally the number one spot…

1. You always think of your kids, always.
You’re out with friends getting a drink when suddenly “AW THAT BABY IS SO CUTE! ” suddenly sad because you miss your son/daughter.
Out at the mall when you slowly make your way to the kids section at H&M..

Maybe this is just me, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t this way before Cody.


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