The problem with exam week

So as most people around my age know, also depending on what university you attend, it is the dreaded exam week, so your class schedules are not only elongated to two (unnecessary) hours but they are also possibly switched around in times as mine was this morning.
On Tuesday mornings, I attended a class called “Intro to Flash” which usually begins at 9:30 and ends at 10:45

This morning due to exams (or in my case final project) it was scheduled to begin at 8am and end at 10am.
I woke up at my daily 7:30am today got ready, packed Cody’s lunch left everything ready for my mom and left for school.

Or so I wished.

It was very cold and raining (with periods of hail) and my car was covered under a thick layer of ice.

My face was not a pleasant one

So I start my car and turn on the windshield wipers in hopes of some achieving what it’s supposed to do especially because I did not have anything to scrape off the ice. But no such luck.

Time: 8:03am

I leave my car on and run back home getting my mom’s car keys knowing she has something to scrape the ice off in her trunk. Upon reaching the trunk, it was only to my bad luck that the trunk was iced shut.

Time: 8:09am

So I run back home and drop off the keys, frustrated to find a way to get this ice off my front windshield and run back out.
Getting into my car I resort to plan C.
I grab my umbrella and start hitting the ice off my windshield.
It started to break.
I hit it a few more times in the areas that I know will break off bigger chunks of the stubborn ice and finally brush them off with the handle of my umbrella.

Time: 8:16

Get in my car, put it in reverse and stop suddenly to find that the garbage truck is behind me.
This is not turning out to be such a good day for me.
As soon as the coast is clear I drive to school reaching every red light and getting stuck behind two school buses on the way.

Time: 8:27am

I park my car and run through the hail into my classroom to find out that everyone had already presented their projects and I was the last one.
Face palm
How embarrassing

I catch my breath, stand in front of my small audience and present my project.

Time: 8:44am

And I’m back in my car, ready to head home.
In the end, more time was spent trying to get to my class rather than the class itself

What a morning

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