Spring Break

hello everyone!
Hoping that your Monday is going well, despite the horrid cold front–that is once again, making it’s way through the east coast. Now that I’ve finally had some time to sit in front of my laptop, I can tell you about my adventurous spring break!
(Except, not quite)
Due to my responsibility of being a mom, I’m limited to certain “adventures” that I can partake in, but nonetheless my week was a good one.

My spring break started off great with going to watch my favorite artist over in DC, Ellie Goulding. She’s a mix of electronic/dance with a softer genre and I do recommend checking her out!
I stood in the same spot for about 4 to 5 hours with my sister but I can truly say it was worth it, Ellie was simply phenomenal, we were even pretty close to the stage making the experience a unforgettable one. The aftermath of the show, for lack of a better word, an extremely frigid one.

Yes, on Sunday the 16th of March we had one of the bigger snowstorms we’ve received from our hormonal Mother Nature this whole winter. Not only that, but due to my parents’ love and worrying tendencies, we were stranded outside of the venue for an approximate hour and twenty minutes. thank you Echostage for your warm hospitality. (Ha! I’m punny and sarcastic!)

It was snowing, hard and we were covered in snow within minutes.
I was grateful for bringing a jacket and glad that I had more common sense than most of the teenage girls who showed up in heels and mini dresses, brrr.

I’m guessing they don’t watch the weather channel as much as I do.

So we stuck around with 30year-oldesque women who were inebriated and very much amusing until our mother arrived to pick us up.

Did I mention both of our phones had lost all battery power?

It also took us about the same time we waited outside for us to get home. Normally we would’ve arrived after a 45 minute ride, but again, Mother Nature has been quite PMSy this winter.

That was quite the adventure.

Now Monday was pretty boring as I did nothing, so we’ll skip the average day and stick to the rest of the week.

On Tuesday, the “bae” as my peers like to call it, an acronym for “before anyone else” or also known as “significant other” came over for a few hours and spent time with Cody and I, later tagging along to get materials at Michael’s craft store. Where we got craft paint for a small stool I wanted to decorate to help Cody reach the bottom story bathroom sink. (whew what a mouthful)

I then painted it on Wednesday, with a “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” theme in which I can boast about because it’s quite adorable.

Here is a four-sided picture of the crate


Later that night, once Cody was put to bed, I went over to A’s house and played video games, ate dinner and watched a movie. Which was later repeated on Thursday and Saturday. Except Saturday, I did some homework and took a nap.

On Friday, I was over at my boyfriend, A’s house again and got a migraine, unfortunately, but he’s wonderful enough to make me food and headed out to meet my best friend for her birthday dinner.

It was fun watching her have her first official drink at a restaurant and also enjoy the company of some new and old friends.
It’s always fun to be surrounded by people your age when your best friend is your 3year old toddler (hehe!)
After the dinner, A and I went to watch the new movie Divergent (which was really good, although a few things were left out from the novel), his mom and dad met us there to watch it with us, which is always interesting!

Finally, Sunday was a well spent day with family relaxing at home, trying out a new Korean restaurant and getting shampoo at the mall.

Overall spring break rating 4/5 stars.
I think I’d much rather spend time with people I care about than wake up hungover with strangers.

But that’s just me!

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon! it’s back to school tonight for me.


Little things

Currently the world is so fast paced, so stressful so full of faces stuck inside iPhones, Androids etc. If I could count the amount of people who tweet “I hate college” “going to go to class, study, cry,shower, cry” it would be pretty infinite. The amount of people I see who get stressed over the excessive amount of college homework is truly, excessive. What do professors or even universities achieve from stressing the living lights out of “young adults”? like really? I might sound uneducated and naive and young or whatever you want to refer me to, but studying and learning something you want to do for a living shouldn’t be stressful. I know a handful of people who are Art majors and they have it so bad with the amount of projects they have to complete by a certain deadline; this makes me think “thank God I’m not a graphic design major anymore”. The world is so busy that we don’t have time to be thankful for the little things. The little things that are truly bigger than life.

This brings me back to my son, my 2- months-away-from-being-3 son. Crazy isn’t it? He’s almost 3 years old and I realize, time truly flies by you in the blink of an eye but nobody ever has time to realize it because they’re so busy worrying about making their FUTURE life a successful one.
See what I did? future life. We can’t even live in the present half the time because we’re worried about what we do now and how it will affect our future.

I don’t wanna live that way.

As much as I have to study really hard and get the best grades I can, I don’t wanna live stressed out all the time. I don’t want the pressure of other people telling me how to raise my child and how to do what and when. I don’t want to have constant pressure to have the best career and make a ton of money.
I just want to live life without all that craziness.

I understand life is hard, trust me I do, I’m 20 and have a child with different abilities while trying to get a degree. If that doesn’t scream hardship I don’t know what does. Everyone has different hardships in life, whether now or later. What Im saying is life shouldn’t have a focus on the future or working too hard or staying up till 4am coding, writing a paper or doing an art project.
Life should be about the little things too…

The colorful autumn leaves
or your child’s huge toothy grin when he sees you after school/work
It should be the soft, warm feeling of getting in bed at night.
The amazing taste of your morning coffee or tea.
A child holding your hand when he sleeps
Hugs and cuddles and kisses.
Laughing till years come out
The feeling of having someone truly care about you for who you are.
The ability to just breathe..

It just seems like a better way of seeing things don’t you think?
Timon and Pumba did say
“Hakuna Matata”