Due to my terrible ability to keep up with blogging, I will be posting a little progress page later on this week so that everyone may see what Cody is now able to do and what his goals for the future are.
This will only be a short post so you don’t forget about us!
One of the things that my now-too-big of a boy to be called a baby is starting to do is pronounce his D’s T’s and B’s on command, which also prompt “accidental consonants”.
What that means is that while he does vocalize the letters he knows, others come out on accident here is an example below!

He’s also pronounced “Pa-Pa” and last night we even heard “Na” and “lalala” at a quick pace, but with practice comes perfect and I know that soon enough Cody will be talking his little head off (maybe even more than his mama!)


10 Signs You’re a Mom/ have small children in the house

I won’t write out a catchy Intro this time so let’s go.

10. You catch yourself singing or humming children’s songs…on a regular basis.
Sometimes I’m doing homework and I’m singing one of Cody’s recent
favorites “I’ve got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart.. Where??”

9. Poop is gross, but only in front of others.
I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s happened in more than one occasion where I’m at someone’s house and use their bathroom, and there’s poop still floating in there (come on! at least look before you leave!) and I’m not at all grossed out by it so I just flush and continue with my business.
(Or is this me just being mature?)
Sometimes poop is exciting –especially since Cody is constipated a lot.

8. You start making faces your kids make
Cody has tons of expressions, but one particular one he makes on occasion is the “yuck” face.
He clenches his teeth together and makes his lips in a certain shape so you only see his very front 4 teeth.
–it’s not attractive and I catch myself making that face A LOT.

7. You become motherly…towards your friends.

I’ve had friends get sick and I offer to bring them cold medicine and chicken noodle soup. If that doesn’t scream motherly I don’t know what does.
I’m putting them before me, holding an umbrella for them (not me) when it rains, letting them have the last bite, checking up on them regularly. (Should I continue?)

6. You are much stronger than you look
On an everyday basis, I carry my 35ish lb toddler on one arm and something probably equally as heavy in the other arm. Yet my arms continue to appear as pool noodles.

5. Multitasking is just normal tasking
This is correlated with the previous one, I hold Cody in one arm, make a phone call, send an email and cook him lunch and pick up something on the floor with my foot.

4. You take all the chances you can get to sleep
On the way home from the metro, during kid’s naps, in class (shhh!) and even standing.
Yes, standing.

3. Your purse/bag is never missing anything
I have wipes, juice, snacks, extra change of clothes, Benadryl, Tylenol, lotion, hand sanitizer, glasses, etc.
Need something? I probably have it.

2. Fashion? No thanks.
I’d rather have leggings and a hoodie or sweatpants and a tshirt. Maybe comfy jeans on a good day. But you won’t find make up on me unless it’s a night out or the first week of school/work.

And finally the number one spot…

1. You always think of your kids, always.
You’re out with friends getting a drink when suddenly “AW THAT BABY IS SO CUTE! ” suddenly sad because you miss your son/daughter.
Out at the mall when you slowly make your way to the kids section at H&M..

Maybe this is just me, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t this way before Cody.

Happy mums Day

Here it is, the almost end to my fourth Mother’s Day. only to say I’m 21 but that I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Today my parenting skills were challenged publicly by none other than the king himself.
At the age of 3 years old he’s a good 3 feet 4 inches and a heavy 35 pounds, carrying him is only becoming a more difficult task–my lack of exercising is also aiding to this becoming more difficult.

The only reason I mention this is because we were out today and he would not get in his car today.
(The ones you push them around in)
No amount of bribery, reinforcement, punishment or threat would make little prince ride in his car. So I did the only other thing I could do and I sat there with him.

Refusing to carry him around everywhere because I realize it’s gone far enough. He has too much control over his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and the lists goes on…

Having to discipline a child is difficult but disciplining a child with special needs is even more so, nobody ever blogs about how you should discipline your “different” child because of the scarce amount of parents with them.

In the end, my oh so charismatic-with-children sister just said “let’s go find Nona!” Picked him up and sat him in the car and rolled away with no problems.


she’s gonna make an amazing mother one day, because I tried that and it didn’t work, I even attempted to bribe him with froyo and that didn’t succeed either!

Alas, today was a great day regardless. I managed to maintain a higher than normal level of patience but c’est la vie. Children will be children and they will drive you bananas with nuts sprinkled on top.

Still so very worth it.

Especially the cuddles I’m getting in now that he has fallen asleep.
No better music than a (lightly) snoring toddler

Happy Mother’s Day every-mum!

Thank you for watching!

This post is nothing but positive don’t let my attempt at incorporating sarcasm into the title of this blogpost fool you, even if it’s not fooling me. But it’s actually not a negative action that I’ve noticed when I’m out and about with the offspring, well, here it goes.

Today was my typical stay at home mom/ student/ young mom and whatever other labels I fall under. I woke up, made Cody’s lunch while my mom gave him breakfast, I prepared his backpack and stroller following up to where I walk Cody up to his bus. He rode the “elevator” up to the bus and left with a smile on his face.
Once my mom left for work, I began the chores that I’m required to do and studied while doing so, including making the beds and picking up whatever is on either my or Cody’s room floor, tidying up around the house and keeping the kitchen not a disaster. I continued reading over some notes because I–thought– I had a sociology exam today (which I did not) and headed for a shower.
Yes, the nice “more than 15 minute” showers I’m only able to take when Cody’s at school or at his dad’s for the weekend.
Had some breakfast of Nutella and strawberries and studied some more. Headed out to get Cody from the bus
Medicine, naptime
Etc etc.
But today’s adventures were different because we were able to go to the park today, and only having one hour before I had to leave for class I went anyway, because that’s what supermom does right?
His little face lit up walking into the park and was so excited, that’s what makes it worth it.
Now, going back to what I said earlier, I’ve noticed that while out and about with Cody, people tend to stare, not always but just sometimes but more than usual when I’m helping him walk.
honestly, it’s a little intimidating to be watched but I don’t focus on it. Almost always, they’re watching Cody, and luckily they’re not giving him degrading or looks of disgust. They’re usually smiles and eager faces with waves and “hellos” that make Cody bashful and stop in his tracks.
This is where I wonder what they’re thinking. Not because Cody is a little different from his peers but just the two of us as a unit.
Maybe some quirky, enthusiastic young mom trying to encourage her child to do her best, or maybe just that Cody’s cute. Either way, I get an audience from time to time and although it feels weird to be watched, I’m glad people are seeing Cody as the little person he is instead of for his condition.
This gives me hope for the future that people may see him more as Cody and not “disabled”, because he does his best everyday to improve no matter how hard the challenge.
In which by the way, he did, because he walked a very good portion of the time we were there, especially up the stairs to get to the slide.
And truly, I’m happy having Cody just the way he is, he’s happy and funny and he’s loved. As long as that continues then I will remain happy.

Goodnight everyone

While the boy is asleep…

I just wanted to quickly update about Cody’s progress while he’s taking his afternoon nap.
Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of new behaviors and small actions in Cody that are both exciting and frustrating. As most things go, I’ll start with the positives, Cody is not only smart, but cunning too. In the car on the way to eat, he took his gloves off.

Now I know how that sounds…
“Great! My kid’s been doing that for eons!”

Well, seeing as Cody is–presumably- left handed, his use of his right hand is limited, especially in heavy winter gloves. What he did is something I feel older children might do because it requires some thorough thinking. He took his left glove off with his teeth continuing the action by taking his right glove off with his left hand.
I was ecstatic, maybe I’m overreacting but it’s simply amazing how he wanted to independently do something he would typically ask for help.

Have I mentioned how he can call different family members on Skype via iPhone/ Samsung gs3 I kid you not.
He goes to the Skype application on my phone, located on the second panel and top right box labeled “Social” taps on the app, followed by the person and finally to the top right pressing “Video Call”
All by himself.

It’s truly fascinating how their little minds absorb and pick up information so quickly.

Not only this, but while he’s held, he helps with the action or activity that you’re doing. Some examples:
Opening cabinets, the fridge, pouring liquids (with assistance), closing the microwave door, pressing buttons, and his favorite: putting things away. But really the list goes on and on.

Just to think that although his body does not function typically, he makes it work no matter how difficult.

He’s one determined, tenacious little boy

A little case of anxiety

So as it turns out, I didn’t have a sinus infection–wasn’t the flu either phew! but I got a strong cold, probably a side effect oopsie from me not finishing the amoxicillin I was prescribed February 4th. Today, I’ve been fever free (thanks Tylenol!) and my right ear just popped after three days of slight deafness and I can breathe better from both nostrils. These are all signs of good news and hoping they stay! the bad news is my moms started to throw up and her coughs are getting worse and it’s all scary, so I definitely can’t have her within 30 feet of Cody–and that’s pushing it. So tomorrow, I have to do the breakfast routine completely unassisted, which is not too bad as I’ve done it before just not.. sickly.

Believe it or not, this is actually my first time being actually sick since Cody’s been born. Excluding that time last year on my birthday that I got tonsilitis but that’s not a virus that can’t be healed with antibiotics..
I’ve physically been unable to watch over Cody for 3-5 days… and lucky for me he didn’t have school this week (teacher/home visits)

But regarding tomorrow, I’m a little nervous to be watching over my little guy while I’m not feeling my 100 percent… Hopefully by some miracle I’ll get much better overnight, if not, well here goes nothing.

Wish me luck!
For now I’ll drink tons of water and hopefully devour as many Airborne gummies as allowed.

The Struggles, as the kids say.

Yes, I do realize I’m still a “kid” in the sense that I’m still in college only turning 21 in a few months and have the life of a 30something year old (besides the whole living with your parents, no degree, no job etc) but–I am working towards it even if it takes me 4 more years…haha. First of let’s admit the fact that I’m awful at blogging, have had this blog forever and have only … 14 updates? It’s difficult! But it’s really hard to find a specific topic to really captivate my audience. I just wanted to update and say that Cody has started school! And has yet to go to school for an entire week–it’s only really been about two and a half weeks with the snowmaggedon last Wednesday and Thursday and he also got an ear infection.. My poor baby…so he’s missed a fair amount of school this past week.

I am bittersweet about it because I’m so overjoyed with the blessing overflow that’s come with him starting school! All his teachers and therapists absolutely adore him to no end and it just warms my heart to know that my son is well taken care of and loved. As a mom though, it makes me a little sad (just a little!) that he hasn’t cried once since he’s started school! Which is good and at the same time makes me realize how fast he’s grown and he doesn’t have “momitis” as I like to call it. His need and want for independence is growing so I’m sure he won’t want to be held in a few months (or so I hope! My arms can’t take more than 35 pounds!)

On the other hand, his little “talker” device was moved to a 32cell overlay (he had 15 before) and what that means is that he now has a lot more choices and a lot more to say about everything (through this little machine) which is honestly amazing because having a non-verbal child is frustrating for both mom and child. It amazes me that he’s able to maneuver through it so easily and only being 3 years old. Every day he amazes me and I’m so proud of him for the accomplishments he makes– but this is all a given teehee.

Now for some innocent boasting, kind of not really…this valentines day I started feeling sickly, went to doctor and he said I have a sinus infection..and my first one at that. So I felt absolutely terrible and couldn’t do anything but lay in bed and feel like death was coming for me, I figured my night plans would fall through but that’s not quite what happened. My amazingly sweet (and risky) boyfriend decided to come over and make me dinner instead . I seriously feel so absolutely lucky to have a man that loves to cook haha. Then we watched tv and fell asleep. The next day he took me out to “breakfast” at 2pm… Haha and then Starbucks which probably wasn’t the best idea since I was sick and it was cold but It was worth it!
Now I’m still (slightly dying) on my bed with this horrible sinus infection that antibiotics won’t help me with, so I just gotta let nature take its course… It chose a great time to come too– sarcastically of course– since Cody has the whole week off due to parent teacher home visits! Let’s hope I’m better tomorrow because I’m so done with this coughing!

I’ll try to update more but anyway, have a great week!

Blessings overflow

I decided to title this the way it is because I think it truly is a blessing overflow to have the life I’m living with the people in it. I could write a list of everyone I’m grateful for, why I’m grateful for them and so on and so forth but that would make this blog post utterly boring. So first I will start off by saying Happy Birthday to Cody, my sweet and handsome little (now 3year old) boy who had a birthday on Monday. On Tuesday, he started a program called PEP beginnings, a class for children with mostly physical disabilities that also have an effect on other parts of their body and basically help them to learn things that preschool and kindergarten children are learning. These things include colors, shapes, letters, songs, etc. We have also met his fantastic new therapists and sweet teacher and para-educator, so far Cody has picked Kathy, his para-educator, as his favorite. The first day went great, couldn’t have been any better and I was so very extremely proud of him, he did not cry once and he had a splendid time participating in his art class and then his music class. He even shook a few kids’ hands!! How exciting is that!! He’s already so well mannered!– If only he would start doing it at home then that would be wonderful ;).
The second day wasn’t as exciting for Cody but he was still able to use the computer( one of his most favorite activities) and use his gait trainer, and for those who don’t know what that is– it’s basically a walker with extra support so he doesn’t fall over.
Day number two was great! onto day number 3 and he had P.E! Now how could he do physical education without the ability to walk? Well simple. They had him swinging on swings and sitting on a bean bag on a swing to work on trunk support, he had a ball! best part is he already knew what to do and held the sides with his right hand first THEN left. I was ecstatic! Then the last day of class before the long four day weekend, it was quieter but Cody was the only one who came to school! But he didn’t mind he’s an attention hog anyway ha. His Grammy decided to stop by and watch for a little bit and they explained how things work and a typical day for Cody, she couldn’t help get emotional but then again, I couldn’t either on Tuesday.  He also had a wonderful day then and of course did a much better job participating and paying attention when mom wasn’t there, but that’s just typical 3 year old behavior and that makes me happy.
Next week,anxiety strikes again because he will be riding the bus to school! Ahh! But not to worry, we are in good hands as I’ve already met his bus driver and he’s a very nice man. not to mention he’s also Peruvian! What a coincidence!

Did I also mention that every staff person that comes in just falls right in love with Cody? Well that’s just expected 😉
Here are some pictures from the week!
Happy Sunday everyone!

Cody and his teacher putting clothes on “Peter”  Day 1 and Music class for Cody and his classmates!



Cody and his PT swinging around for P.E, he’s having a ball!  Day 320140119-092736.jpg

Cody in his gait trainer on day 4

Three?! Already? What?

Good evening all!
In my very few years as a very young parent, I’ve realized one thing: time flies–and no not even the time flies where you think “wow it’s winter again?” No, it’s the “my son is less than a month away from turning 3” time flies.
I find it so extremely hard to believe that my little 4lb 2oz baby will be turning 3 soon, and what’s even more incredible is that he will be starting school even sooner!! His Individualized Education Planning meeting (IEP) was on Wednesday and I could not have been any more grateful, happy and most of all blessed with such a great team. In the single hour that we sat in that little white room, with the long table and seven women around it, we were able to plan and set down a good amount of goals for Cody to have accomplished in the year that he will be attending school until he is 4. These goals were gross motor, functional motor, fine motor, mathematics, pre-reading, speech, emotio-social, and the list goes on and on. We were read out loud the 4 or less goals set for each area in which they felt Cody needed to improve and everything seemed appropriate for his set of skills. I will also boast about the fact that no matter how serious these women looked, they couldn’t help but fall for Cody’s cute-shy charm and big smile. In which I will say he has a great set of straight teeth and molars–ha! It’s hard to believe how fast these two years that Cody’s received in-home therapy has gone by. I still remember the very first day of PT he received, he was 11 months old and he sounded like he had said “hello” already winning over his physical therapist. it’s almost a shock that I will have to go through a whole new routine every day, but I know that in the long run Cody going to school is the best thing for him. We were even told we were walking out with some of the best amount of services for Cody in the best school program for kids with Physical Needs and mentioned the teachers and therapists are rated amongst the highest in our county. I almost cried with just how glad I was to be able to give Cody such an opportunity. I really feel like I must thank his therapists in a way before they are no longer with us, we will probably make them each a Thank you card for all they have done to help and the strings they’ve pulled for Cody’s well being. We are sad to no longer have them with us as much as I know they are sad to let Cody move on to school. But I am eternally grateful to every one of those women who worked with Cody despite his temper tantrums and tears.
I am forever in their debt.

What a week!!

This week has been quite a bit eventful I must say, it’s not so common that a many things happen at once but here we go. We started the week off with the dreadful Monday, Cody’s feeling well and happy. Tuesday, we had to wake up extremely early–4:45am to be exact when Cody had only slept around 2 hours prior to that because he’s a little rascal. woke up, pack bags, his dad and PaPa came to pick us up and off to DC we went. I guess those with Dystonia or children with different needs can understand this because he was going in to get his Botox injections. I’m actually glad that they were able to schedule us in so early (so lucky!) we actually arrived at 6:15am and got into the operating room waiting area earlier than we were supposed to leading to an earlier procedure than scheduled–which was originally 9 but they ended up finishing up his procedure at around 8:48. I was going to make a Vlog but my camera wasn’t charged and I didn’t have enough time to charge it when I woke up. So far we have seen improvements in his walking again! No more scissor walking or on his tip toes-things I like to see! Once we got home he started getting the sniffles, which turned into nonstop sneezes.. Which led to Wednesday’s warmer-than-normal temperature. I don’t want to call it a fever because it never got up to 100. He was a bit lethargic and very sleepy so that was surprisingly an easy yet depressing day because he couldn’t play or do anything as he normally does . He took three 2 hour naps, bringing me back to the time when he was a newborn and slept all day! Luckily, by Thursday he was much better but he was still coughing with a phlegmy sound, which then continued onto Friday, Saturday and today. Ah, this means a doctors visit tomorrow.. Friday he got to spend the whole day with his daddy’s side of the family and wow was he happy! I’m grateful that he has the love he receives from both families. Now, we just need to continue pressuring for equipment and his braces. Which reminds me of how much I hate Medicaid, which is Cody’s insurance. They accept things at an extremely late period and we always receive things a lot later expected and it’s getting extremely irritating and old. I have contacted the equipment clinic more than three times and they always continue to tell me that they will inform me on the status for his orthotics and equipment. It’s such crap that it makes me want to switch insurances but there’s just nothing I can do about that matter for the moment.
My family even tried contacting our state governor and that hasn’t even done anything. I’m just tired of this, I’m gonna have to pay or make the splints myself.